Friday, March 25, 2011

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A Bullying Tale

The other day I was at the MALL OF AMERICA riding the rides.
I get a little excited on the Bumper Cars;
Laugh/Screaming, "YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN!" to every car I hit.

One youngin'z tongue was bright pink, so I yelled, "PINK TONGUE!
You're Goin' Down!"

Pink Tongue laughed.
Her SiSter DID NOT.

Pink Tongue's sister drove up from behind and side swiped me.
"No YOU're goin' down HIPPY GIRL!" she hollered.

Still an innocent game of Bumper Cars, right?

When the ride was over, Pink Tongue's sister walked right up to me
and gave me a big SHOVE shouting,

Woah... I thought...
 she was really into it.

"YA HIPPY!" She said with another shove.
These shoves were HARD.

After three or four shoves, her mom saved me from the awkwardness.

To all you HIPPY HATERS out there:
 Please don't shove us. We do not shove back.


**LAUGHTER is the best MEDICINE**

(photo by Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune)

This is my friend MOLLY
She is in the Star Tribune for teaching LAUGHTER YOGA
She is a Star and ULTIMATE HIPPI GURL.
Molly says laughter is the "Universal Language"

When times get tough, I suggest LAUGHTER as an anecdote to any problems.


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