Friday, August 5, 2011

JEG ELSKER DEG meanz I Love You =)

(see video below... the sound is a bit off at the end)

After getting a bit "Lost in Translation" at the bus station,
we finally made it into the Countryside of Copenhagen, 
where we were greeted with open arms by the bride and groom 
and the groom's lovely family!
(and two dogs... who... yes... ate the Wedding cake!!)

Soon after hugs, and welcome drinks, we were handed tools and
There was a lot of work to get done before the wedding

I peeled 5 bags of potatoes,
sewed 40 triangles to a piece of string,
and made 20 skirt thingys to hang around the place and look pretty
(Although we only ended up hanging about 5... I...AM..NOT...BITTER...)

(Siovhan found out that I was very bitter and told me she is hanging them up in her APT.)

All of the Hard work was WORTH IT.
The Wedding was beyond beautiful.
And how cool it was to watch everyone eat the potatoes I peeled!!

The bridesmaids even put together a special combination of poems for Siovan and Bjork
 during their ceremony which I am especially proud of.
(see the video below)

We dined, We danced, We Sang Songs,
 Shared Stories and Traditions:
What more to life is there?

The Groom's Father made a toast and said,
"You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family"
Life is about working together and becoming family with your friends.
I think more than ever, this is happening to me this summer!

Life is not always easy, 
but with Hard Work and Patience, 
you can find TRUE PEACE and HAPPINESS.

oh yeah.. and 
(that is a quote that I said at the wedding that I thought was really deep...)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Once the fancy part was over...
It was time to CELEBRATE!
and trust me... 

I started hanging out by the Cotton Candy Martini maker
(because those are my all time favorite drinks!)
There I met a local DJ  named Freddie who I convinced to get the dance party started.
Needless to say, he was awesome and
European Dance Music is probably the best dance music in the world.
ok not probably, it IS!

*We danced until the sun came up*

When we had to turn down the music and people started to turn in,
I began having the most amazing conversations as the sun began to rise.

Life is too short not to go after what you want.

Don't get sidetracked.
Be Agressive.
Keep your standards High.
Continue to have a DRIVE.

oh yeah.. and 

The next day I left for paris.
Said goodbyes to some of the best old friends i've had
and new friends who are now fam.

TAK TAK TAK for the memories.

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