Thursday, July 28, 2011



Today we arrived in **Denmark**. 
We met up with the beautiful Bride and Groom!
The reason for the Season!
 They graciously let us stay in their cute apt with two other bridesmaids and one brother. 
*We are quite the crew*

To start the trip out right, we decided to find a Kareoke bar.
I wanted to sing Amy Winehouse (of course) 
but when we got there... EVERYONE was already singing Amy!
And Everyone was GOOD!
European Kareoke bars are no Joke....
These people were Amazing.

Needless to say,
I sang Katy Perry's FIREWORK and Tore it UUUP!!!
The Danez LOVE Firework!
and I love them.


Today was the most beautiful day of the trip thus far.
We rented BIKES and pretended to be real Danes.
This city is perfect for biking.
There are bike lanes and bikes rules and barely any cars!

By bike, we were able to see the entire city.
The street art is most beautiful and has inspired me to become a tagger.
I developed a "Baller" tag.
 I will post later for you devoted followerz 

We also found a cool looking church that encouraged us to walk all the way to the tippy top.
The view was AMAZING.
I am glad I didn't fall off.

Then we went to THE LITTLE MERMAID statue!
Being the daring tourist that I am, 
I walked on the rocks.. and some seaweed and water..
and got close enough to her to TOUCH HER FIN!
***That must mean 10 years of GOOD LUCK***

To top off the night, my friend Michael begged me to go to the gay bars with him.
What happens in the gay bars stays in the gay bars

We met some amazing people.
Danced to some craazy techno music.
Got lost. Found our way back home. Ready for more adventures!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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