Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Friday JULY 22nd 2011
<3 <3 AMSTERDAM <3 <3
Tha Vacation of all Vacationz. I am on my way all by MYSELF to AMSTERDAM! 
More like: Amster-DAAAAMN GURL!
 I have packed everything I need except a phone charger... who needs a cell phone anyways... I am officially unreachable. 

Before I left, I received words of wisdom from my father: 
 He reminded me of all the “illegal things that are not legal in the states” and advised me not to try to take anything out of the country because “I will be arrested and NEVER GET OUT. My vacation will be ruined.”
Then he said, “Have a nice trip!” 
I replied, “Nice Acid trip??” 
“No! Uggg....”
Watching the sunset through an airplane window is probably one of the most beautiful sites I’ve seen so far.
Minor Mishaps will not get me down.
It’s a whole new world out therrr and I am determined to find it!

I will never forget being in Europe and finding out real-time that one of my favorite singers has passed.
Why is Show-Biz so deathly??
I have been listening to her albums all day, and so has many shops and stores here in Glamsterdam.
Long Live! Your music has played a major part in my life!

** TUESDAY July 26th **
DENmaRK 2011

Well Glamsterdam came and went. 
What happens in Glamsterdam stays in Glamsterdam.

The best part was meeting an Italian B-Boy waiter. 
 I knew he was a B-Boy because he had "B-BOY" tatooed on his arm.
I told him, "I'm a B- GURL!" and proceeded to breakdance in the streets
He got so excited he began to spin and flip like no othaaaa!
This drew a crowd and suddenly we had a whole crew on the streets breakin'!
The next thing I knew I was introduced to local beat-makers and peeps rappin' in Dutch.
I started to freestyle along with them and they would join in with as best english as they could.

DANCE became our form of communication.
Hip Hop is the same in any language.
Here's to many more adventures to come!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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